An explosion of content this week, it's all kind of nuts. If you can't find something to play this week, there might be something wrong with you.

This week starts off with Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for $9.99, containing Mortal Kombat's 1, 2 and Ultimate 3. If you want some Action RPG in your veins, grab The Baconing, the third title in the DeathSpank series, for $14.99. If you want some weird looking dual stick shooter action, grab Ugly Americans: Apocalypseageddon for $9.99. If you're into a reimagined classic, check out Elevator Action Deluxe for $9.99, or if you want some puzzling challenge, check out 4 Elements HD for $9.99.

That's not all though -- two new games have also been added into the Neo Geo cabinet -- Shock Troopers, World Heroes, each for $8.99. Two new Minis were also added -- Snowy: The Bear'S Adventures ($2.99) and Carnivores: Ice Age ($3.99)

Lastly, one new piece of DLC -- the Joan of Arc character for Deadliest Warrior: Legends for $2.99.