Custom toy wizard Donald "KodyKoala" Kennedy posted this neat set of miniature, old time-style cabinets inspired by coin-op distractions you'd find on the boardwalk, and two of them actually kinda work!

My favorite, the Great Wario fortune teller machine, for example, has a crystal ball that lights up (unfortunately, you can't see really see the LED after the break). He also spits out a single fortune: "I'mma gonna win!"

The Elec Man cabinet, which "cures many ills" and is modeled after the penny arcade electric shocker machines, doesn't actually deliver jolts of electricity, vibrates and has LEDs that light up when activated.

KodyKoala's Ironclaw machine doesn't appear functional, but it has lots of neat little toys inside -- that big Mario looks impossible to pull in! You can see more photos of all the machines on the artist's Flickr page.

[Via Albotas]