Krautscape, the multiplayer procedural racer from Swiss indie duo Mario von Rickenbach and Michael Burgdorfer, looks like a beautiful game in motion, as you can see in the trailer above, but it's just as gorgeous as a still -- check out the poster the group produced after the break.

Rickenbach and Burgdorfer say they made this print (one of two new posters) for an upcoming event. Other than this fine piece of art, they're still working "really, really hard" on Krautscape, and recently moved to a new studio in the heart of Zurich.

In fact, they say that if you're in the area, you should "drop by for a quick coffee and some playtesting" of Krautscape. The rest of us who live far, far away from Switzerland will have to settle for waiting for Krautscape's Mac/Windows launch to try it out.

[Via TIGSource]