This summer's best bargain keeps getting sweeter; in addition to an extra game, Steel Storm, Minecraft is also free to play for everyone that's already chipped in (until the 14th). But to further entice those still on the fence, all of Humble Indie Bundle #2's offerings from last winter were just added.

The only catch is that one must offer more than the average donated amount, which has been rising ever so slightly. When the brand new push began yesterday, it was four dollars and change; 24 hours later, it's now five dollars and change. That's still a hell of a deal, and it would be nice to see that number go up as high as possible, since everyone involved deserves all the money they can get.

Still, one can put down as little as a single penny. But as Eak125 points out, expect the image above if you're a cheapskate. Though I've tested it myself and my recaptcha wasn't nearly as cryptic. And funny enough, even a dollar doesn't warrant it being pulled out, so it's reserved for the ultra stingy.