While Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was my favorite game to watch at Evo this year, every fighting game fan's attention was on the Super Street Fighter IV AE tournament finals last night, and not just because it was the marquee title for the event.

People wanted to know: Will Daigo "The Beast" Umehara take it all again for a threepeat? How crazy must the competition be that folks like Justin Wong, Mago, and Mike Ross didn't make it to the top 8? And will Tokido the Murderface jump in the air and throw a diagonal fireball into the crowd?

The answers to those questions are "no", "very crazy", and "not this time at least". In a stunning upset, former champion Daigo (playing as Yun) was knocked into fourth place, sent to the loser's bracket after being dominated by Korea's Poongko and his crazy Seth, then flame-kicked out of the tournament by Latif's C. Viper (match above).

Japan's Fuudo and his Fei Long took home the championship, but Latif, who placed second, was the big story -- the Saudi Arabian transplant (moved to Arizona and repping the States at Evo) bested Tokido, Poongko, and Daigo consecutively. The dude was a monster, even though he ran out of gas when he faced Fuudo in the grand finals.

Latif's run was legendary, one that will be talked about centuries from now, when children ask their mothers to recount how the "Daigoslayer" brought pride back to America's SSFIV fans after years of humiliation at Japanese players' hands, before they go to bed. To celebrate at the end of the tournament, Latif jumped on the hands of hyped attendees and crowdsurfed!

You can see the final match of the night, which showed a good effort from Latif's C. Viper towards the end against Fuudo's Fei Long: