More news on Elevator Action Deluxe! Square Enix return to the 28-year-old arcade game will be a remake developed by the original Taito Staff, with new music from the subsidiary's in-house sound unit Zuntata and direction from Yosuke Tsuda (who oversaw Elevator Action Returns back in the day).

With the new soundtrack, Elevator Action Deluxe will release to PSN with new high definition graphics, new weapons (e.g. machine guns, laser guns), and new gimmicks (high speed elevators, long ropes), according to details posted on Famitsu and translated by Andriasang.

It will also have cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes (offline only, unfortunately) like 1 Door Battle, in which you steal a secret file from the stage's red door; 8 Door Batte, in which you try to steal the most secret files from various red doors); and Death Match.

The game is already 99 percent complete, and will release at the end of the month -- expect Square Enix to put out a trailer some time next week. The publisher intends to release downloadable content packs eventually, too.