Mega Man players from back in the day might recognize TOM-PON as one of the end credit names that elicited juvenile laughs among you and fellow elementary/junior high chums. But it's a real person, and Japan's own Rockman Unity recently decided to sit down and ask the "living legend" some questions.

The interview, administered by a guy that's all decked like Mega Man himself (previously seen in one of my early Tumblr recaps; I had no idea he was a Capcom employee), is broken into seven parts. Two have been translated thus far, courtesy of Gregaman, from Capcom Unity on this side of the ocean.

Part one, above, is admittedly light on substance, but the second dose, seen after the cut, has a decent amount of meat. We discover that TOM-PON's (real name Naoya Tomita) very first title, right after his training stint, was the original Mega Man. Not surprisingly, the limited horsepower that the Famicom provided was a great challenge to overcome.

Though his determination to figure out means to maximize background elements gave him the nickname "Scroll Machine" (scrolls is what Capcom called backgrounds back in the day). Hopefully the rest of the interview will be translated in due time.