If you're a member of Digital Press, AtariAge, or other popular retrogaming forums, you may be familiar with the exploits of a seller going by the name of "Psycho Penguin," who allegedly bilked his trading partners of thousands of dollars over the last decade. Professing to have a variety of rare classic games and memorabilia for sale, the seller never followed through on many of his offers, leading to widespread alerts and trading bans among the retrogaming community.

After nearly 12 years of purported bad deals, Psycho Penguin's brother Mike McFadden has come forward with news of Psycho Penguin's recent death. What's more, McFadden has offered to reimburse all buyers who never received products that his brother had offered for sale.

"At no point did he repent for his misdeeds and I couldn't find any evidence that he was going to either," notes McFadden. "Therefore I'll do it for him. Show me evidence that you were scammed by [Psycho Penguin] at any point in the past 12 years or so, and I'll reimburse you for the trade via PayPal. I'll also take the time to answer any appropriate questions."

It's an unlikely turn of events, but McFadden runs a reputable online business, and several compensated buyers vouch for the validity of his offer. McFadden gives further details and a list of his brother's many aliases at Digital Press.

[via @GDRI, @mneko]