Walk The Line unfortunately has nothing to do with the famous Johnny Cash song, but it's an intriguing project nonetheless from a group of first-year students at ENJMIN (Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media) in France.

Developed in three months, the game is powered by Unity 3D and Wwise, and uses Microsoft's Kinect device for its controls. Like Canabalt, you're running to escape a crumbling city, avoiding obstacles and jumping over gaps.

It's in 3D, though, and you move from left to right with your body. You also need to physically jump to hop over holes in the game. Hopefully these levels don't go on forever like Canabalt, as this would get tiring in a few minutes! Or maybe that would make this even more interesting?

Unfortunately, it's unclear if Walk The Line is or will ever be made available with a public release that others can play around with,