By now, I hope you've played the experimental games of IGF award nominee and SOWN selected presenter Daniel Benmergui, like his interactive poem Today I Die and memorable multi-ending title I Wish I Were the Moon. Seriously, they're great stuff.

Benmergui just unveiled his next game, Storyteller, which he says is his "most ambitious project" yet. It's essentially a "storytelling puzzle videogame based on comics", and is designed to be "more gamey" than the other two titles I mentioned above.

"The mechanics borrow heavily from comic techniques of storytelling like Closure, points of view, captioning and frame transitions," the developer explains. "Each 'puzzle' is a story that must be built." You can see more comics that explain the concept here.

He expects to spend a year developing the game and will release it for Windows, Mac, and iPad. While you wait for that, you could always play other comic-themed games like Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper and Sega's Comix Zone! (though neither really has similar gameplay...)