Sega Arcade

Each year more and more San Diego Comic-Con-related happenings and attractions seem to be taking place off site. This year, for instance, I happened across something a few blocks from the convention center that caused me to do a double take.

Sega Arcade? In downtown San Diego? Whaaaaat? Had I suddenly been transported to Akihabara?!

Sadly, as I came closer, I realized this was not actually a new arcade, but rather just an exhibition for Sega to show off their upcoming game releases. Still, to their credit, Sega did it with style. They rented a storefront and transformed it into what is essentially the ultimate Sega mancave.

The Sega Arcade was open to anyone, so it drew not only Comic-Con attendees, but members of the general public as well.

Welcome to My Nightmare

I'm assuming someone was hired to draw this chalk illustration. I'm also going to assume I will see this image again in an upcoming nightmare.

Rings Hanging From the Ceiling

There were classic Sonic-style rings hanging from the ceiling. Nice touch.

Massive Joystick

It's as if the Neo*Geo and Dreamcast shared a special night and this joystick was their lovechild! And after that the joystick drank super growth formula and became huge.

Sega Snuggie

Lots of vintage Sonic the Hedgehog paraphernalia was on display. Who doesn't own a Sonic Comfy Throw?

Sega Arcade DJ

A DJ was kickin' out the jams on the wheels of bits. Not pictured: The homeless lady who was dancing up a storm to his phat beats.

Silk Screening

For Sega Arcade attendees who thought, "If only I had a silkscreened image of The House of the Dead: Overkill!" it was their lucky day.

Sonic Girls

These cheerful gals were actually saying things like, "Woo! Sega, you guys!" Their outfits and hair were blue to represent Sonic. So that's what Sonic's kids are going to look like in the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (Spoiler Alert: He and a human princess take things beyond the friend level in that game).

Actual Arcade Machines

All things considered, the Sega Arcade was a well put together showcase of the company's upcoming software releases and it featured some pretty snazzy decorations for such a short-lived exhibition. However, I'm still more than a little disappointed it wasn't an actual arcade! Too bad.

But, as fate would have it, there were three random arcade games on the bottom floor of the nearby Hilton, not-so-conveniently located behind an escalator on the ground floor. None of the games were Sega titles, however, but at least Namco's Point Blank was present and accounted for!