I've featured at least one arcade-like cabinets for an Atari 2600 game here before -- the Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space cabinet an 8th grade teacher built as an immersive space sim experience for his students -- but this one is particularly impressive for its portability.

Brazilian multimedia artist Rafael MSP created a racing setup for Activision's 28-year-old Atari 2600 title Enduro, complete with a racing wheel and pedals. It even has a chair you can sit in -- one cut from a folding chair, spray painted, and padded with foam for some cushioning.

Best of all, most of the parts that make up the cabinet (minus the CRT, of course) fit into a custom box that Rafael can lug around, allowing him to quickly break out and assemble the Enduro arcade machine when needed. Here's a video of him putting it all together:

[Via GDRI]