It being before my time, I had no idea there was so much unrest over Coleco's Intellivision port of Donkey Kong. Programmer Carl Mueller Jr. breaks down the dissatisfaction of the early '80s Intellivision gamers:

"It has been debated over the years if Coleco deliberately released a poor version of Donkey Kong to make the Intellivision appear inferior to its own Colecovision. After seeing games released by Imagic, it was obvious that the Intellivision could produce smooth, colorful graphics. But the question then became -- how good could Donkey Kong have been?"

Mueller has answered that question with the release of Donkey Kong Arcade, a homebrew Intellivision edition of Nintendo's classic game that he's worked on since 2002. He promises that this version is "the way it should have been the first time".

"Donkey Kong Arcade makes the Intellivision shine," boasts the programmer. "It contains all intermissions, and all four arcade levels, with the added bonus of being able to play as different characters - each with their own strengths and weaknesses!"

The game will ship in late August, but you can preorder here by signing up for the mailing list. Donkey Kong Arcade is priced at $50 before shipping, and will include a copy of the game, a manual, and a box/controller overlays with new art from Oliver Puschatzki.

[Via revolutionika]