Versus City doesn't recall where it found this blueprint of M.Bison's base for his Shadaloo crime syndicate, so it's likely this isn't canon, but one can't help but marvel at this amazing island that the dictator has created.

In just the cropped image above, you can see that he's created a sort of Mt. Rushmore-esque sculpture for his own face, plus those of of Sagat, Balrog, and Vega (with mask). And there's a big dish set up to communicate with a satellite bearing a giant skull and skeleton arms!

In the full image below (click for a larger version), you can see Ryu and Chun-Li crying over the fact that they'll never have a base as awesome as this. Right next to Chun-Li, there's several floors containing a shopping mall, a caeteria, a jogging course, and an arcade.

And check out the conference room underneath the fighting stadium, which has trap chairs that fall into a crocodile-filled pool! Next to that, there's an emergency space shuttle, a secret factory, an electric brain control room, refinery, rest room, and even a hot spring.