Along with its upcoming PSN and WiiWare versions, point-and-click adventure game Machinarium will also arrive on iPad soon. Amanita Design's critically-acclaimed title originally released in October 2009, and was an Independent Games Festival award winner (Excellence In Visual Art) that year.

In Machinarium, players take on the role of a discarded robot named Josef who must navigate a fantastic, hand-drawn world, stop the Black Cap Brotherhood from blowing up the eponymous city's tower, and save his girlfriend. The Czech-developed game also features a great soundtrack by Tomas Dvorak.

"It's almost finished, but we still need to fix a lot of small bugs and test it properly," said Amanita Design's founder Jakub Dvorsky,according to a report from Pocket Gamer.  "It should be ready during the next month...hopefully." 

[Via Nobuooo]