For those Xbox 360 owners depressed over missing out on last year's PS3-exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes, cheer up, for all is not lost and there is still a way you can enjoy a voxel-based top-down action adventure game on your system of choice.

Swedish coder Fabian 'Viking' Jakobsson (The Lumberjack) has just released Lootfest on Xbox Live Indie Games, which resembles Silicon Studio's retail title quite a bit, although without the big budget to pay for the same level of polish and assets.

Jakobsson admits it's a "simple but fun game" in which you "kill monsters loot them for gold, [and] buy bigger weapons". The one-hour game (what do you expect for 80 MS Points) charges you with finding and destroying the three evil bosses terrorizing your country.

One advantage Lootfest has over 3D Dot Game Heroes is it supports splitscreen multiplayer for up to four people! Jakobsson says he's already started work on a sequel to be released this December, too!