Lepos: The Primary Invasion is a video game from the mid 90s that was never released because it never actually existed; the brainchild of artist Diego Bergia, Lepos is a celebration of street art mixed with games.

Thus far we've seen a book, published by Toronto-based Koyama Press, and accompanying art show. In addition to fake SNES boxes for the canceled home version, another installation piece took the form of a fake Lepos arcade game -- running was an authentic looking demo, but which was not playable.

Well, it would appear that a legit Lepos game may soon be real. The above is the most recent work in progress footage, which much like the one before, takes places in the artist's home base. Given how bustling the indie game scene in Toronto, it's hardly a stretch to assume that forces on that end have gotten together to finally make Lepos playable.

Here by the way is the aforementioned previous clip, which aside from looking identical to a similar portion seen in the fake game (hence the degree of confusion as it pertains to "is this real or not?" quality that the entire Lepos project encompasses, but that's half the point), features the beloved Toronto landmark Honest Ed's.

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