Many have taken news of Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation pretty hard, but there's been plenty of evidence to suggest that the fight is far from over. Though instead of producing the game themselves as previous theorized, which again Capcom basically said they'd be cool with (which admittedly is quite the herculean task, a grassroots effort making their own 3DS game, hence the sentiment perhaps), disgruntled fans are determined to have work on the project reconvene.

The very first sign was the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 initiative on Facebook. There has since been a flurry of similar efforts, so much so that it's been impossible to keep track, though the newly christened Legends3.com certainly helps. Four basic steps have been suggested: join the Facebook page, sign the Capcom Unity petition, interact with Copcom's Senior VPN on Capcom Unity as well, and become a Servebot.

There's even been support from higher places as well. The game's programming director Yoshiyuki Fujikawa recently applauded the fan efforts, and CyberConnect2's CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama has also stated his firm would love to take over the reigns if the chance ever came. While Mega Man Legends 3 isn't quite back from the dead, things definitely look more encouraging.