Street Fighter X Tekken X Raroo

[GameSetWatch columnist Mister Raroo and his family continue their report on San Diego Comic-Con International with a chronicle of the first full day of the convention. If you missed it, be sure to check out their account of Preview Night. Look for more updates from the Raroos in the coming days.]

We don't usually bother standing in line to get autographs because, well, standing in line is pretty boring and there are much better things to go. But in the case of having a chance to meet Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada and Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, we lucked out in timing because the line was short, and it only took a couple minutes to get to the front.

It was cute to see that Ono had his little Blanka figure with him, which seems to travel along with Ono wherever he goes. Ono seems like a pretty happy guy. I bet it would be fun to party with him. And by "party" I mean enjoy my famous baked-from-scratch cookies while we play video games together. That's pretty much my idea of partying.

Taking Pokemon Photos

We also lucked out line-wise at the Pokémon booth, where we stopped off for a few minutes to take augmented reality photos of the QR codes they had set up on display. The staff was also handing out cards with the QR codes printed on them, which allows for wacky augmented reality photos. I tried to snap some pictures of Missus Raroo holding the card.

A Palm-Sized Pokemon

What's that in Missus Raroo's hand? A Pokémon!

I think it's safe to say the two of us looked like total dorks standing by the Pokémon both snapping photos of each other. But, at a place like Comic-Con, looking like a total dork is pretty much par for the course, I suppose, so we went unnoticed. In fact, our antics drew the attention of a few passers-by who paused to whip out their 3DS systems and take photos, too.

Nintendo Gaming Lounge

It has become a common complaint that Comic-Con is getting too big for its britches, which is exemplified by the fact that the convention has expanded into nearby hotels. Many companies are electing to set up camp away from the convention center. Such is the case with Nintendo, who has a tiny booth on the show floor but a massive "Gaming Lounge" in a nearby Marriott.

It was kind of surreal walking through a fancy hotel just so we could go try out some video games. You know you're no longer in the convention center when there are fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Swanky!

Giant AR Cards

Nintendo's Gaming Lounge was really impressive, much to our surprise. It was huge and not exceptionally crowded like the show floor. Perhaps people didn't want to walk the extra distance to give it a look.

Too bad for them, because Nintendo was hooking people up with some neat giveaways, such as The Legend of Zelda t-shirts and Pokémon backpacks. And, perhaps one of the most fun of all was that there were massive AR cards with which to snap photos using your Nintendo 3DS.

Link and Mario

I had a lot of fun toying around with those gigantic AR cards. Unfortunately, people kept screwing up my shots by walking into the frame, not noticing the huge cards underfoot, let alone the grown man growling to himself because his photograph was ruined. Thanks a lot, people!

I was the only person snapping photos during my time in the Game Lounge. I saw plenty of 3DS systems in people's hands, but perhaps people are already burnt out on the AR gimmick.

Hi, I'm Totally Oblivious

Or maybe it's just that people are completely oblivious about what the 3DS does and what the oversized cards with pictures of Link, Kirby, Samus, and Mario on them were there for. The guy in the above photo unknowingly moved a beanbag chair so that he was sitting on top of a Pokédex 3D QR code. He didn't seem to have any idea he was preventing people from snapping photos of the code (perhaps because nobody was snapping photos of codes!).

But at least the oblivious guy didn't make me mad like some other goofball who I overheard say Rhythm Heaven for Wii was "gay." I don't even know who this joker was announcing his assessment to, either, because he was all by himself. He just loudly exclaimed "This game is gay!" a couple times. Bizarre. Ah, poor Rhythm Heaven, why won't the United States understand you are so wonderful?

Octopus Earrings!

Beyond scoping out most of the video game booths, we did a lot of shopping. Originally our plan was to limit our spending, but there is just too much cool stuff at Comic-Con!

We scored some great items that we figured we probably wouldn't find anywhere else. And, compared to the guy we saw who was walking around with a $400 Star Wars poster, we have been downright frugal.

One of the best purchases of the day was a pair of charming, sparkly octopus earrings that Missus Raroo bought from two middle-aged ladies decked out like belly dancers. Well worth the moderate price, we think!

As with avoiding fatigue, pacing yourself when it comes to spending money is for the best. Yes, some items will probably sell out quickly, so those are worth snapping up while the snapping is good. But, really, we don't need most of what is being sold at Comic-Con, and keeping this in mind allows us to enjoy shopping without going overboard.

However, if we see some ultra rare video games for a reasonable price, it's on. I'm keeping an eye out for the likes of Harmful Park or Panzer Dragoon Saga, just in case.

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