Bob Sabiston's approachable but powerful drawing/animation app Inchworm is one of the most interesting releases on DSiWare, but like many other titles on the download platform, it really hasn't received the attention it deserves from consumers and the press.

That's why I was happy to see gaming blog bigwig Joystiq devote an interview to the indie project and talk with Sabiston, who's best known for creating the rotoscoping software used for films like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly.

Along with talking about his favorite features in Inchworm, a publishing deal with Disney that didn't work out, and why it took so long to release the app, Sabiston reveals that while he likely won't release an iOS edition, he's considering a 3DS port:

"People are asking a lot about a 3DS version, and I would love to do a 3DS native version. Last summer, in order to get practical and get this thing out there, I had to strip out a bunch of ambitious stuff that was working, like keyframing, a scrolling timeline, sound-effects and audio recording.

Obviously it would be nice to restore those and the wireless features if possible. So we'll see, if I find the time and energy to continue with it I would love to have an Inchworm 3D out there."

You can read the full Joystiq interview with Bob Sabiston on Inchworm here.