The 1997 PC game Atomic Bomberman, aside from being one of the very worst Bombermen in existence, happens to host a number of hidden and not-safe-for-work voice samples that would easily turn the KA-rated game into an M-for-Mature sort of affair, had the ESRB been notified.

As The Cutting Room Floor notes, Atomic Bomberman shipped with a variety of voice clips and alternate takes that did not appear in the game itself. Many of the cleaner samples are still a little questionable, featuring such zingers as "Here comes Poopman!" Get to the "Filthy" category, though, and you're in for a profanity-laden treat.

It's worth noting that these samples are the work of veteran voice actors Charlie Adler and Billy West, so if you've ever wanted to be cussed out by Buster Bunny and Fry from Futurama, today's your lucky day.