Games that stress physical health have begun to address spiritual well-being as well, often as a component in yoga simulators for example. So it's surprising that only now do we have a game that bears the name of someone synonymous with New Age-y ways of thinking and living.

Produced by THQ, Leela (which is Sanskrit for sport or play) for Wii and Xbox 360 promises to merge "ancient meditative techniques" with current age technology. The player's "flow state" will be developed by addressing the seven chakras that reside in each of us, according to Hindu texts. Which will be achieved by combining physical activities (much of them hands-free, so the Kinect-enabled 360 version might be the one to check out) and others that lack any movement whatsoever, via Stillness Meditation (so on the Wii side of things, the balance board will more than likely be employed).

Specifics are unknown, but screenshots revealed thus far illustrate experiences that are clearly reminiscent of fl0w, Rez, Osmos, Child of Eden, even Electroplankton. Given the promises of the never before seen, it's somewhat humorous to see elements that are quite familiar. Though perhaps that's just a testament of how ahead of the curve (as well as transcendental) those aforementioned games truly are.





[via Joystiq]