Cave is mostly known for shoot-em ups, but they have proven to be capable or producing more than just creating bullet hells; most recently they produced Nin-2 Jump, a platformer for XBLA, and who could forget their foray into snowboarding, Steep Slope Sliders for the Sega Saturn oh so many years ago? Well, coming soon is Instant Brain for Xbox 360, Cave's first adventure title.

According to the trailer, the game features a hacker, a pair of police officers, a producer of some sort, an android maid, and someone identified as a "repowriter" that one must assume is the main character. 4Gamer, which broke the news, notes that gameplay involves shooting things with a camera, so perhaps a "repowriter" is just a futuristic name for reporter or investigator?

Also known is how Instant Brain's character designer, Kamiri Iruma, and musician, Ryu Umemoto, have both previously worked on various h-games, though the latter has contributed to a variety of Cave's shooters over the years as well. Plus the former continues Cave's fine tradition of featuring a bevy of attractive 2D ladies, as somewhat noted yesterday.

[via Kotaku]