Kickstarter as a means to fund game-related film projects is nothing new, but the vast majority thus far have been documentaries (Indie Games: The Movie and Minecraft: The Story of Mojang being just two examples). Though Your Friends Close immediately sets itself from the pack by being a work of fiction.

The movie depicts a going away party for a video game designing husband and wife team. On the eve of their planned trip to France, where they’ll develop some groundbreaking new MMO, it's revealed that one might not be leaving after all. The end result is everyone suddenly going after newfound opportunities. The screenwriter claims the main thrust is "the emotional, psychological heart-strings that are pulled by the people behind the scenes every time we pick up a controller, and what happens when they turn that attention among each other in a real life game with much higher stakes."

For whatever reason, I’m reminded of Chris Hecker's Spy Party. Ultimately, movies about going away shindigs that go awry are a dime a dozen, but when was the last time any involved video games? It would be nice to see Your Friends Close get funding, but with less than a week to go and a little less than halfway to go towards their goal, they could use all the help they can get and as soon as possible.

[UPDATE: It has just been revealed via Destructoid that Yahtzee Croshaw (of Zero Punctuation fame) and Lisa Foiles, (Top 5 with Lisa Foiles, also for The Escapist) have joined the cast. Seems the added dose of star power is working; the amount pledged has seen a significant bump since this report was originally filed hours ago!]