Big week for the Xbox Live Arcade with three brand new titles, each looking to take some of my time over the next week.

The first game is Half Minute Hero - Super Mega Neo Climax Edition, a new version of the fascinating little PSP game from a year or so ago. It's a RPG on steroids -- where you only have half a minute to complete a level. Highly recommend you check it out, and it's available for just 800MSP.

The second release is Galaga Legions DX, a return to the Galaga franchise by Namco. While the first Legions title wasn't the best, I have hopes that since Pac Man CE DX was fantastic last year, this game sees a similar return to form. It is also 800MSP.

The final new release is Backbreaker: Vengence. Bear in mind -- while it looks like a Football game, it isn't entirely that. Instead it's a score based game where you must run thorugh waves of opponents, juking, barging and jumping to get a touchdown while also scoring the most points possible. That can be grabbed for 1200MSP.

The final new piece of content this week is a new Pinball Table for Pinball FX 2 -- The Captain America table, which you can grab for 240MSP.

If none of that tickles your fancy, check out the current deals on sale on the storefront:

All pieces of the Hasbro Family Game Night - were 800MSP, now 400MSP.
Turtles In Time RS - was 800MSP, now 400MSP.
Lara Croft: GoL - was 1200MSP, now 600MSP.
X-Men - was 800MSP, now 400MSP.
Comic Jumper - was 800MSP, now 400MSP
Zeno Clash UE - was 1200MSP, now 600MSP.

Also TMNT Re-Shelled will be removed on June 30th due to licensing issues -- now is the time to grab it!