Like many, I don't necessarily hate them, but I find most videos in which footage of whatever game is accompanied by narration of some kind (usually either a history lesson or just someone's two cents) to not be my cup of tea. Most seem well meaning enough, and even the info and opinions passed along are quite valid, often issues like poor production quality or lame attempts at humor will cause myself and others to just fast forward, regardless of how compelling the subject might be.

Music from Mega Man as a basis of analysis is also hardly rare (hey, did you know that Mega Man 2's music kicks ass? bet you didn't), but the above is actually worth checking out. The focus is on the X series, not all the music that's contained, but just the intro stages. Which are the stand-alone segments that set the rest of the game up. Not only that, but only the SNES and PSone installments are covered; most will also agree that Mega Man X7 & X8 on the PS2 are best left unspoken of.

The commentary provided is not the most thorough in the world, nor ultra insightful, but it hits all the right marks nonetheless. Even the jokes aren't half bad! In the end, it was enough to make me want to give Mega Man X5 & X6 another shot, albeit just the first couple of minutes. Part 2 can be seen after the cut.