This month's Austin indie game gathering organized by Juegos Rancheros will feature a star-studded lineup of guessts that includes representatives from Sworth & Sworcery developers Superbrothers and Capy, and Adventure Time maker Pendleton Ward.

Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman will host a three-way chat with the developers and Ward -- if the latter's inclusion in the event seems odd, you should remember that his Cartoon Network show has a number of video game homages:

"If you follow the intersection between games, art & animation, there's very little chance you haven't already been acquainted with Adventure Time, but if you haven't, all it takes is one sitting to realize that the show was created and written by a lifelong and super enthusiastic videogame lovers.

Magic +1 rings, perilous labyrinths & miniboss battles and a full-on episode where stars Finn & Jake are pulled directly into a videogame on their BMO console, below!), the series is drenched in the culture we've collectively grown up in."

Oh man, Ward has hinted at wanting to make an Adventure Time game in the past (well, besides the Flash game); it would blow my mind if he announced an Adventure Time collaboration with Capy! It would be too beautiful, so it's best not to dwell on it and be disappointed...

The Juegos Rancheros meetup kicks off at 4PM this Sunday, and will be free and open to the public. RSVP here!