Developer Zeboyd Games brings word that Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, two of the highest-rated titles for the Xbox Live Indie Games service, will be released as a Steam and Gamersgate combo pack next month for $3.

Both games are designed in the style of 8- and 16-bit era console RPGs, but offer numerous refinements to familiar gameplay systems. Random battles are limited in number, for instance, and after clearing a dungeon of wandering enemies, players are free to explore without being attacked. Battles can then be called up via a menu option, if the player wishes to grind for experience points.

There's also a good amount of humor sprinkled throughout both games, which often pokes fun at RPG conventions and video game logic. I played through Breath of Death VII when it was first released and found it to be a breezy, enjoyable experience that eliminated much of the frustration and slow pacing that bogs down older RPGs. Totally recommended!

A content-expanding update will arrive for the Xbox Live Indie Games version of Cthulu Saves the World upon the release of the Steam compilation, which is set to launch on July 13th.