New Star Soccer 5, which I previously held up as the primary reason to get excited about soccer games again, will release for Windows and Mac on August 11, allowing you to life the life of a young football star, in and off the field.

This indie game doesn't come close to matching the graphics of modern FIFA or Winning Eleven releases, but it's not trying to offer the same experience: here you just control one player instead of an entire team.

With that player, you'll train, level up, gain new skills, do your best on the pitch, pick up sponsors, drink too much before the night of a game (and predictably play terribly the next day), gamble your money away at the casino or horse track, and more.

When New Star Soccer 5 debuts, it will be priced at $20. If you pre-order, though, you can pick it up with a 25 percent discount and also receive access to the beta version.