It's all about the Virtual Console this week with some great classics finding their way to the Virtual console.

The Wii's Virtual console has picked up quite a gem -- Final Fantasy III. That being the original US game, more commonly known as Final Fantasy VI nowadays. You can grab it for 800 Points.

The Wii also gained a new WiiWare title -- Big Town Shoot Out, a classic on rails shooter for 500 Points.

On the 3DS Virtual Console we have Kirby's Dream Land for $3.99. This was the very first Kirby game, and actually missed out on a lot of what Kirby's about now -- collecting powers. Still, a nice, cute and easy romp though the Dream Land.

We also have a bunch of new DSiWare releases -- The Lost Town - The Dust for 500 Points, Boardwalk Ball Toss for 200 Points, Hearts Spades Euchre for 200 Points, and lastly Moto eXtreme for 800 Points, which looks like a take on the Trials HD type of motorcycle game.