Fans of shoot'em ups and import gaming magazines, the second volume of Shooting Gameside has released! Even if you can't read its Japanese text, the layout and care put into the periodical is worth the high price of admission: $30.90, if you're buying from NCSX.

This issue offers 160 pages, 26 (!) of those devoted to a feature on Gradius. The rest of the mag is full of previews, strategies, interviews (including one with Taito's in-house band Zuntata), and more for games like Crimzon Clover, Eschatos, Trouble Witches, and Hayabusa.

Shmups Forum member Rancor has already received his copy of Shooting Gameside Magazine Vol. 2 and posted photos of the pages covering Cave's Akai Katana and reviewing Kotobukiya's Ikaruga ship model kit, which you can see after the break: