Speaking of Jim Guthrie, we now have an "official" trailer for Indie Game: The Movie, which features music from the Toronto-based singer/songwriter, as well as clips from the documentary's interview with notables like Jon Blow (Braid), Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy), and Phil Fish (Fez).

It already looks like a captivating and expertly crafted film just based on those clips, full of the developers' passions, worries, and emphasis on just how high the stakes are to make the project they've worked on for years succeed. Braid and Super Meat Boy captured that success, but will Fez?

The company behind the film, BlinkWorks, says it's in target to complete production in mid-August, but to properly finish it, the firm launched another Kickstarter campaign for finishing costs -- audio, color, and mastering -- to make what it says will be the best possible version of the documentary.

Depending on how much you donate to the fundraising campaign, you will receive digital and DVD copies of the finished film, t-shirts, shout-outs in the credits, and more. So far, Blinkworks has raised over $15,000 of the $35,000 it's hoping to collect in the next 31 days.