Aside from creating the gold standard to which all console FPSes are judged upon, another innovation that Halo brought to the table was introducing Alternative Reality Games to the traditional game playing masses. And there’s apparently an initiative in the works to see if lighting will strike twice, this time for the next Halo trilogy.

First off, ILoveBees.com, where it all started one could say, has a new countdown clock. The length is around five years, which is how long Master Chief was in cryogenic stasis before being rudely awakened by the events in the forthcoming sequel. But now there's a second site, supposedly by the same team behind ILB. Called TestSubjectsNeeded, one must answer a number of questions before being allowed to sign up for the Human Preservation Project, whatever that might be.

Furthermore, clicking on the fly on upper left-hand corner will net a third site, Mission Icefly. Another counter is present, with a far shorter duration of less than two days. Various cities are also listed, and when the clock reaches zero, a single volunteer from each locale will be chosen for... something. Intriguing to say the least.

[via DeviceMAG]