Deadly Premonition director Hidetaka Suehiro, aka "Swery65," wants very badly to make a new game, according to his latest blog post (scroll down for the English version), but lacks the funding to do so. This is a crime. Publishers, it's time to sack up and throw some money at this man.

"I promise I'll make something good!" Swery pleads, as only he can. "Seriously! I'll work real hard! I'll work until it kills me! I’m gonna work harder than anyone’s ever worked before! But, uh, I will need some rest from time to time... But, but, but, you definitely won't regret it. I mean it. Please!! (Haha)"

The strange and excellent Deadly Premonition was followed up with standard "pay the bills" fare from Swery's company Access Games -- the PSP Monster Hunter clone Lord of Arcana, for one, along with the Ace Combat spinoff Joint Assault. Neither game featured coffee fortunes nor meandering one-sided conversations about '80s horror movies. It's time for this to change.

In other up-to-the-minute Swery news, Deadly Premonition is set to see a release soon as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360's Games on Demand service in Europe. And for anyone who wants to experience but not necessarily play Access Games' 2003 Metal Gear Solid-like Spy Fiction (which shares many elements in common with Deadly Premonition), a professional-quality Let's Play video series has recently kicked off at Something Awful.