In an unlikely turn of events, Gawker Media has decided to enter the world of broadcast television. In an even more unlikely development that borders on dream-like impossibility, the company will begin the initiative by streaming translated episodes of the Japanese retrogaming-themed television show GameCenter CX.

I raved about GameCenter CX just a few days ago, but in short: it's awesome. In each episode, host Shinya Arino is tasked with completing a classic video game in one sitting -- his agonizing defeats and rare victories make for surprisingly compelling viewing.

Since the announcement refers to the series as "Retro Game Master," it's likely that Gawker has purchased the rights to stream episodes previously planned for release stateside by Stylejam. (Trailer here.) If this is the case, all narration will be dubbed, while Arino will be subtitled. Unfortunately, Retro Game Master episodes are also heavily truncated, and include no developer interviews or non-challenge segments.

Still, this is promising news, as series fans had long since given up the Retro Game Master project for dead. New episodes will be aired every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST, starting next week, at Gawker gaming news site Kotaku.