Taking action following the recent abandonment of the series by another translation group, a collective of Something Awful forum members have begun releasing fan-subtitled episodes of the Japanese television show GameCenter CX. The latest translated episode focuses on Konami's seminal dating sim Tokimeki Memorial.

GameCenter CX is a unique series that has particular value for fans of old video games and retrogaming culture. In each episode, comedian Shinya Arino attempts to complete an assigned game of historical importance (or infamy) in one sitting. Previous episodes have covered notoriously difficult titles like Ghosts'n Goblins, Prince of Persia, and Transformers: Convoy no Nazo, and the show's over-the-top dramatic style makes each challenge an electrifying battle of wits.

While Tokimeki Memorial doesn't present a particularly difficult challenge for Arino, it's worth watching just for his awkward relationship tactics and questionable dating tips. It also offers a rare look at a translated Tokimeki Memorial, as neither fan translators nor Konami itself have localized prior entries in the popular series.

Though it has many fans worldwide, GameCenter CX has not yet been picked up by a publisher for overseas release. The Nintendo DS spinoff game Retro Game Challenge did not meet sales expectations when released stateside, and previous efforts to launch the series in North America as "Retro Game Master" have stalled, leaving fans with little choice but to rely on fan-subtitled episodes to get the full GameCenter CX experience.