Earlier today, Eric made mention of the Gold Cartridge Show in Sonora, CA. Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, NY, this year's edition of the Game Play festival has been formally announced at last. In its third year running, Game Play seeks again to fuse the worlds of interactive electronic entertainment with performance art.

Included in this year's line-up is BrainExplode!, which combines "the best aspects of interactive fiction and live theater" by having audience members help prevent the lead character's cranium from blowing up; Mastermind, an actual contest between two artists in a multimedia exercise that's not about "the decimation of combaters, but the production of a great work of art"; Red Cloud Rising, a tale that is conveyed to audience members entirely through text messages; and foci + loci, which is performance art via improvised actions and camera manipulation in custom Halo and LittleBigPlanet maps.

Game Play 2011 also marks the return of two Game Play 2010 acts: Modal Kombat, mostly know as Mortal Kombat played via modified classical guitars, and the EK Machinima Theater doing "Romeoo and Julietet". If it's anything like last year's production, “Grand Theft Ovid", which retold old folks tales in the midst of various MMO environments, among actual players doing their own things, and performed on-stage by a bunch of kids on laptops, it might again be the highlight of the entire festival.

There's also Rock Band karaoke, a chiptunes dance party, and video game burlesque, for folks who are into such things. To check out the full schedule, purchase tickets, or simply learn more, simply head on over to the Brick Theater's homepage.