Many have already seen assorted behind-the-scenes sketches for beasts that didn't make the cut in Shadow of the Colossus. But few of us know what the story behind them is. Thus comes GlitterBerri to the rescue yet again! Last seen retranslating the script to Zelda 1, her current project involves putting the Japanese words found in SotC's official guidebook into English.

Thus far we have insight behind the primary players and some concept art, in the words of the game’s creator, Fumito Ueda, which is all good stuff. But the star attraction is finally learning why certain Colossi were never meant to be. A few got the axe because of technical reasons, but many were discarded due to their methods of disposal being too similar to others or simply not coming together in development.

By far the most visually striking ones are "Devil", which despite its winged back, looked the most human of the entire lot, and another that appears to combine elements from another rejected Colossi, "Monkey", and fighting Aztec robot Huitzil, from Darkstalkers. See what I mean after the cut, along with other examples. Glitterberri asks us all to bookmark this page, with updates on the way.