In addition to an upcoming statue, another recently announced goodie to help mark Sonic's 20th birthday is a commemorative soundtrack that brings together all the music from Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Furthermore, bonus material will be included, such as the "demotapes" from both games. Not entirely sure what that is meant by such a term...

The music for both was created by Masato Nakamura, the bassist and producer of the immensely popular pop group (in Japan) Dreams Come True. Perhaps these tapes are early examples of what Nakamura had in mind for the soundtrack, but achieved via some other medium other than the Genesis sound chip that he's ultimately use. Perhaps the idea of hearing an original version of Spring Yard Zone via instruments that the artist was more comfortable with is a bit of a pipe dream, but you never know. Guess we'll all find out when it arrives later this summer!

By the way, I don't think many realize that the Sonic compilation is pretty much guaranteed to exceed expectations. Because during a time in which its video game output is spotty at best, Sega's audio releases on the other hand have been nothing short of superb. Over the past few years, the publisher has mined its rich catalogue, and the end result makes old and bitter Sega fans thankful to know that at least someone in their company remembers what made them so great back in the day.

I personally own the NiGHTS Perfect Album, which includes every single track from the game, along with all the different variations (the music in a given level can change depending on the moods of the game world's inhabitants mood), something that was never included in the OST from many years back, as well as the Daytona USA Anniversary Box, which includes every single track from every version of the first game (which granted could be mostly heard via the red book audio on Sega Saturn discs, but the audio quality is vastly superior on every account) plus second title.

Sega's record label isn't afraid to take risks either. It recently released an album of original songs by its Vocal Traxx team, though according to Original Sound Version, it's a mixed bag (like experiments often are). Sorry to play it safe, but what they have to say about the first of Sega’s two volume ode to System 16 makes it another must have for any old school Sega fan's music collection...


[via The Daily DL]