Why is Tumblr so popular, especially among journalists? Obviously, it's a (seemingly) never-ending repository of material, no matter what the subject of interest. So here's a few items from just a few of my favorite haunts.

First off, the rendering of PaRappa the Rapper above, as highlighted by the always intriguing Peter Berkman Tumblr (yup, the front man of Anamanaguchi).

Next is something very Japanese, which is the norm for the NSFW-named Tumblr (that’s the case a lot of the time, actually) that combines Touhou Project and Stalin:


There's also this guy, from the same source:


Via the aptly titled OMG Please Stop Cosplaying:


On the subject of Pokemon, from a long-time favorite of mine, The War Against Gygas:


No list of game-oriented Tumblrs is complete without mentioning brandonnn's, which we constantly use as a source for cool stuff (thanks BTW, if you're reading this Brandon):


Back to Peter, here's another post, featuring a very early piece by one of the finest pixel pushers working today, Paul Robertson (who also has a Tumblr, of course):


BTW, the only reason why I know about Paul's you know what is because of a recent post by Tiny Cartridge that coincidentally featured something else of his (and which is also a Tumblr as well, technically)!

Anyhow, one last image I saved from a while ago and whose source I have since forgotten. Sorry about that: