Many gamers would much rather see a sequel to a classic title rather than a remake, and apparently a follow-up is what Treasure originally had in mind when it considered returning to the Guardian Heroes beat'em up it released on Sega Saturn 15 years ago.

But Treasure was inspired by the success of The Behemoth's own brawler, Castle Crashers, which has sold nearly 2.2 million copies across XBLA and PSN, according to a recent interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu 360 translated by Gaspode_T.

The developer hopes to take advantage of renewed enthusiasm for the genre by first releasing Guardian Heroes HD for XBLA this fall. And as every game company promises, Treasure says if that sells well, that might motivate Sega to fund a sequel.

Treasure also commented that it initially wanted to recreate all the graphics in HD, but it believes tht retaining the original visuals is important, and decided to just use an optional (and so far maligned by fans) shader/post-effect mode.

Guardian Heroes HD will feature a high-definition/widesscreen presentation, online co-op and battles, new modes of play, bug fixes, re-balanced characters, sound effects and voices that were cut from the original release due to limitations, and more.