upboticon.png[Every week, we round up the titles released for the major console and portable digital delivery services, as compiled by console digital editor Ryan Langley, including Dungeons & Dragons on XBLA, Upbot Goes Up on Xbox Live Indie Games and more]

This week gets us some unique titles on all sides -- Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, a cooperative hack-and-slash for XBLA, Upbot goes up for XBLIG, Chrono Trigger sees its first SNES release ever on Europe, and Puzzle Quest goes to DSiWare. Still no PSN releases at this moment, but hopefully we'll see the return of them soon.

Xbox Live Arcade


This week's new release is the latest in Atari's attempts on the Xbox Live Arcade: Dungeon And Dragons: Daggerdale. While previous endeavors, like Yar's Revenge and Haunted House, have been a bit of a failure, this actually looks like it could be good. Check out GiantBomb's Quick Look at the game from a few weeks ago. If Torchlight ticked your fancy, this might be worth a look. It's got co-op too, and costs 1200MSP.

Xbox Live Indie Games


Upbot Goes Up is the latest game from Ishisoft, who has previously been known for the great XBLIG titles Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp, its sequel, and Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage.

It's a great take on the box-pushing puzzle game with a unique twist: Upbot goes up, Leftbot goes left, Rightbot goes right, and Downbot goes down. You have to use these very simple rules to push other blocks around and solve 60 puzzles. Check it out for 240MSP.

Also an extra note: Craig Forrester, who is Ishisoft, also worked on the wonderfully creative Coin Drop on iOS! The man is certainly talented.

WiiWare / DSiWare (North America)


A surprise release this week -- Puzzle Quest is now available on the DSiWare store, being the entire 2007 retail title, but now available for 800 Points.

It's interesting to see this here -- the publisher is supposedly 1st Playable Productions, who did the DS port originally. How this works with D3 being the original publisher, to Puzzle Quest developer Infinite Interactive being owned by Firemint, and now EA, is anyone's guess.

Also available on DSiWare this week is 99Bullets by EnjoyUp Games for 500 Points, and 3D Twist And Match for 200 Points.

Finally we have one WiiWare title -- Overflow, a liquid-based puzzle game for 500 Points.

WiiWare / DSiWare (Europe)


This week Europe gets Chrono Trigger, one of the most loved SNES RPGs of all time. This marks the first time the SNES version has ever reached European shores. Grab it today for 900 Points.

We also have two DSiWare titles -- GO Series: Picdun, a Phantasy Star style RPG quick-battle game for 500 Points, and the aptly named Calculator, a scientific calculator for 200 Points.