I was probably the only dude in the world losing sleep over this, but I've been wondering for some time now what the deal was with Diamond Trust of London, the intriguing DSi project from art game phenomenon Jason Rohrer (Passage, Sleep Is Death).

Majesco was supposed to publish this two-player strategy game about "the cutthroat nature of the diamond trade", but the company cut its promotions last year around the same time it dropped another DSi title, A Different Game's Ghostwire, from its slate.

"I ended up breaking off my deal with Majesco because we had a disagreement about how the game was going to be released," Rohrer explained in an interview with Charge Shot. "And when the game was 75 percent done I just said, 'Okay, I’m not going to finish it'."

He says that Zoo Games has since picked up the rights to release Diamond Trust of London in cartridge form. I hope the publisher has convinced/helped him implement online support, which seems (IMO) essential for a multiplayer strategy game in 2011.