It's a big day for fans of PopCap's battle between fauna and flesh-eaters. For starters, the iOS versions of Plants vs. Zombies have also just been updated with a host of additions.

Along with a new mode, Zen Garden, you've got six additional mini-games. Zombiquarium, It’s Raining Seeds, Column Like You See, Slot Machine, and Beghouled Twist all sound dandy, but Portal Combat is what prompted me to dig deeper. Which as it turns out, actually has you thinking with portals! Too bad there's no fatalities, at least I know of (I'm assuming the name is a play off the term that popped up recently when gamers were forced to chose between Portal 2 or the new Mortal Kombat, which both came out on the same day).

There's also a bunch of new achievements to be gotten, though the real big news is for all those Android handset owners out there; not only has it finally landed on Google's mobile platform, but it's completely free for today on the Amazon App Store. Unfortunately, most of the day has passed already, so I'd just suggest you run, not walk to purchase it.