I rarely feature sports games here -- not unless they're of the Mutant League variety -- because it's rare for me to see one that excites me, but New Star Soccer 5, despite its graphics looking several generations behind the FIFA/Winning 11 series, is cause for excitement.

Instead of having you control the whole team, New Star Soccer 5 has you playing as just one player, training and leveling up in between games. You'll also manage the football star outside of the pitch, too, helping him pick up sponsors, get drunk, gamble his money away at the track, and more.

Its fast-paced play is addictive even when you're just watching it -- check out the gameplay introduction after the break to see what I mean (skip to 08:30 to see a match). You can preorder New Star Soccer 5 now to receive beta access, but hurry because there are only around 380 beta slots left!