As a fan of obscure and unusual arcade controllers, I totally lusted over the Midi-Fighters, the DIY arcade-style kits that acted as USB MIDI Boards and controllers for DJs -- even though I know nothing about DJ-ing.

Nevermind the impracticality of me owning one; that yearning has returned with DJ Tech Tools' release of a new and updated line of equipment, the Midi Fighter Pro Series, now with built-in analog controls (e.g. faders. knobs) and mapping integration.

The series includes four variations: the Beat Masher, the Cue Master, the Super Knob, and the XX Fader, all very stylish and each appropriate for different setups that I can't begin to describe because, once again, I'm clueless about this world.

The controllers are priced at $349 each, though if you bought one of the older Midi-Fighters and trade that in, you can knock off $100 on that investment. You can find more info on the devices and purchase them at DJ Tech Tools' site.

If the music in the above video sounds familiar, by the way, it's a track from Anamanaguchi. The chiptune band's music seems to be popping up everywhere -- last night, The Roots even played one of their songs (skip to 25:00) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

[Via @TCTD]