If you live in New York City and have a hard time concentrating on the objectives in Grand Theft Auto 4, because you can't stop yourself from obsessively comparing you real world stomping grounds with your virtual one (like I do), then this is for you.

The folks at have added street view functionality to their interactive map of Liberty City, which was already based upon the Google Map API, making it like the real deal at long last. It might not be as smooth and elegant as one might hope or expect, but it gets the job done, and is at least FAR more useable than the one for San Andreas, with its rather buggy Java backend. The entire thing was pieced together via 80,000 screenshots, courtesy of's clearly dedicated community.

There's supposedly Easter Eggs abound; been walking the streets via the app a little while and have yet to see anything, but there's plenty of ground to cover yet. Plus, hopefully a few will eventually end up at places such as this.

[via Kotaku]