If you want to complete your Atari Jaguar, Tiger Game.com, and Atari Lynx game collections -- many, many times over -- online retailer Go Atari's entire inventory is up for sale on a "best offer" basis.

Go Atari's stock includes an almost unfathomable number of stinky garbage games. While the list features semi-classics like Alien vs. Predator, Tempest 2000, and Todd's Adventures in Slime World, Go Atari's buyer will also receive 216 copies of Scrapyard Dog for the Lynx, 41 White Men Can't Jump multitap bundles, and 322 copies of the infamous Game.com port of Capcom's Resident Evil 2.

Though this could be a tempting prospect if you want to sell old video games on eBay for the rest of your life, note that nearly 14 percent of the inventory's value is attributed to Atari Jaguar controllers; the lot includes 4,940 of the 17-button behemoths -- a retail value of $49,153! Assuming you can find a spacious abandoned lot or wayward garbage barge for the controllers, though, your dreams of literally bathing in copies of Cybermorph are close at hand.

[via @GDRI]