While North America continues to languish without a disc release for Examu's all-female 2D fighter Arcana Heart 3 -- the game was only released as a PlayStation Network download stateside, and thus cannot be purchased at all as of this writing -- publisher Zen United is planning a deluxe limited edition for its multiplatform debut next month in Europe. And with the release, a new standard for ad copy has been established.

"Let robotic, Kung-Fu mistress, Mei-Fang, soothe away your combo-induced aches and pains with her LUXURY WRIST PILLOWS!" reads the somewhat unbelievable description. "Nestle your tired wrist between her SUMPTUOUS SILICON MOUNDS for a mouse-shifting experience that must be felt to be believed!"

Arcana Heart 3 isn't the first game to be bundled with an ergonomic mouse pad for anime breast fetishists -- you may remember Aksys' shameless Record of Agarest War special edition, for one -- but it's notable for its frankness, if anything. The "Sugoi Oppai [Totally Sweet Boobs] Fans Edition" is limited to 500 pieces, and in case there was any doubt as to the nature of the contents, it includes what the publisher actually, seriously calls a "Super 3D Boobie Mousemat."

The Fans Edition additionally packs a 144-page artbook, a soundtrack CD, and a collectible card set featuring art and movesets for the game's fighters. All of these items, minus the boob mat, are also featured in a lower-priced Limited Edition shipping on June 30th.