It's the opening animation for that Doctor Who SNES game! Wait, there was never a Doctor Who SNES game... Also, the credits feature the stars of the sci-fi program's eleventh incarnation, who didn't appear on the series until just a couple years ago.

This isn't some kind of alternate history artifact -- it's meant to be an SNES-style recreation of the Doctor Who intro by Levi "Doctor Octoroc" Buffum (who you'll know from his 8-bit renditions of Keyboard Cat, Dr. Horrible, and other pop culture pieces). 

"I arranged the track in FL Studio using SNES soundfonts from Chrono Trigger, A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy IV, and F-Zero. If you're wondering how I got that wizzing sound in the beginning, it was a combination of 'Lavos' sound effects from Chrono Trigger," he says.

You can download Doctor Octoroc's MP3 of the rearranged Doctor Who theme music here.